Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

The Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster is about planning, management and movement of people, materials and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related support services dealing with infrastructure, logistics, equipment, and facilities. Highly skilled automotive mechanics should have an easy time finding a job since people are driving their cars longer than they used to.  The need for truck drivers will increase as the demand for goods increases.

Employment Projections: 2010-2020

The Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics career cluster is expected to see about average growth between 2010 and 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that total employment in this cluster was 11.2 million in 2010 and projects that it will grow to almost 13 million in 2020. Overall, the cluster is expected to have over 4.4 million job openings, almost 1.7 million of which will come from newly created jobs.

The report Employment Projects for Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Career Cluster, 2010-2020 includes data on occupations growing faster that the nation average, pathways employment overview, occupations with the most job openings, and employment projections.


Auto Body Repair

Automotive Technology

Diesel Technology

What They Make…Occupations in this cluster and what they make in Virginia

Employed in VA

Typical salary1

Typical entry-level Education

Aircraft service technicians 1,810 $35K–$77K Postsecondary
non-degree award
Airline Pilots 2,790 $67K–$187K+ Bachelor’s degree
Automotive body and related repairers 3,750 $23K–$65K High school diploma
Automotive service technicians 19,250 $21K–$60K High school diploma
Bus drivers, school 17,940 $18K–$44K High school diploma
Bus drivers, transit and intercity 3,650 $21K–$59K High school diploma
Dispatchers, except emergency 4,060 $21K–$60K High school diploma
Driver/sales workers 12,500 $17K–$46K High school diploma
Industrial truck and tractor operators 11,320 $20K–$46K Less than high school
Mobile heavy equipment mechanics 2,920 $31K–$66K High school diploma
Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks 14,380 $19K–$45K High school diploma
Taxi drivers and chauffeurs 4,290 $17K–$37K Less than high school
Transportation and distribution managers 2,210 $48K–$139K High school diploma
Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer 36,240 $25K–$59K High school diploma
Truck drivers, light or delivery services 17,630 $18K–$63K High school diploma
Truck mechanics and diesel specialists 6,590 $27K–$63K High school diploma