Human Services

The Human Services cluster is about preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs such as counseling, personal care, and consumer services. Employment within this cluster is expected to be favorable within the next decade especially for hairstylists, cosmetologists, child and family social workers, and marriage and family therapists.  Jobs will be easier to find within urban as opposed to rural environments.  With the proper training and skill level, people are predicted to have little difficulty finding employment.

Employment Projections: 2010-2020

The Human Services career cluster is projected to experience fast growth between 2010 and 2020. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations in this cluster employed around 6.5 million workers in 2010 and will employ over 8 million by 2020. Human Services is expected to add jobs faster than the national average, growing by 26 percent between 2010 and 2020.

The report Employment Projections for Human Services, 2010-2020 includes data on occupations growing faster that the nation average, pathways employment overview, occupations with the most job openings, and employment projections.




What They Make…
Occupations in this cluster and what they make in Virginia
Occupation Employed in VA Typical salary1 Typical entry-level Education
Child and family social workers 7,700 $27K–$71K Bachelor’s degree
Clinical, counseling and school psychologists 2,440 $38K–$109K Doctoral or professional degree
Dietitians and nutritionists 1,100 $35K–$78K Bachelor’s degree
Embalmers 240 $26K–$62K Postsecondary
non-degree award
Funeral attendants 1,430 $17K–$35K High school diploma
Funeral directors 520 $27K–$81K Associate’s degree
Hairstylists, cosmetologists 12,670 $17K–$42K Postsecondary non-degree award
Manicurists 870 $17K–$30K Postsecondary
non-degree award
Marriage and family therapists 1,710 $26K–$75K Master’s degree
Rehabilitation counselors 3,490 $21K–$59K Master’s degree
Residential advisers 2,290 $17K–$39K Some college
Skin care specialists 870 $17K–$52K Postsecondary
non-degree award
Social, community service managers 2,430 $36K–$99K Bachelor’s degree
Social, human service assistants 6,130 $19K–$46K High school diploma